Announcing: The publication of For Pete’s Sake: Going Through Hell and Coming Out Whole by Pamela Chappell


The Buzz. . . 

"In this deeply moving memoir of trust and courage, acclaimed singer/songwriter Pamela Chappell poignantly writes of her newlywed husband Pete's heart transplant and its frightening aftermath. For Pete's Sake dramatically depicts one caregiver's harrowing journey with all of its bumps and its beauty. Chappell's dedication to both her husband and her faith will engage, heal, uplift and inspire."

Salvatore Sapienza, author of Seventy Times Seven

For Pete's Sake is an honest and inspiring book that had me laughing on one page and crying on the next as it led me through the courageous healing journey of this amazing couple.”

Claudia Mierau, Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher

"There are books that help you laugh or cry and books that inspire or motivate you. There are authors who share the challenges of their lives and those that share the triumphs. For Pete's Sake does it all. . . Read, and your heart will be opened and you will be blessed to the depths of your soul."

Rev. Linda Beushausen, RN, PhD., President and CEO, Hospice at Home, Southwest Michigan

“This book is about the perilous odyssey of two people finding their way back to health, the "village" that encircled them with love and healing, and the power of Spirit to use us to make miracles.”

Rev. Margie Kivel, Spiritualist Minister

“Pamela’s writing has managed to touch the very soul essence of those common themes every human will recognize. Your buying and reading For Pete's Sake is bound to awaken the best memories of the deepest loves of your life, leaving you ultimately better for your reading!”

Debra Basham, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Licensed Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming and Co-Founder of Subtle Communication Systems